Once upon a time – prior to realestate.com.au putting everything online, if your property was vacant, you'd contact your local paper and ask to speak with the classifieds department.  You'd put up a simple ad saying "3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car - quiet street, no pets, available now -  $X per week" and your phone number and wait for anyone interested to call.

This suited traditional real estate agents – landlords could only advertise on realestate.com.au by subjecting themselves to ludacris management fees which they would justified by adding services like rental and arrears management, condition reporting, maintenance management and the like.  But today – all this is available to landlords directly – and in many cases for free.

Realprivate.com.au introduces Rentingout.com.au which offers all the services of a full residential real estate agency without management fees or letting fees.  Realprivate.com.au believe private landlords should be able to access the best quality applicants with the tools used within the real estate industry and have developed  Rentingout.com.au specifically to provide this tools.

Though Rentingout.com.au we can provide:

  • 1Form online tenancy application forms or compliant printable applications
  • State compliant lease agreement
  • Condition reporting stationary for entry, exit and perioding condition management
  • Rental and arrears tracking and management technology
  • Access to the National Tenancy Database
  • Bond lodgement guides and links to appropriate government websites
  • Marketing templates for brochures and For Lease boards

Rentingout.com.au provides you with all this – and lists on Realestate.com.au for $149.

What do you get?

List your property on:

  • RealEstate.com.au
  • Domain.com.au*
  • Property.com.au
  • Realestate1.net.au
  • Thehomepage.com.au
  • Homehound.com.au
  • Onthehouse.com.au
  • Homesales.com.au
  • RealPrivate.com.au
  • Control your marketing campaign
    • update photos
    • advertise open for inspection times
    • change price / description


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