Selling your Real Estate?

Real estate within Australia is changing. For sale by owner, FSBO, DIY, No Agent, Zero Agent, Private Sale sites are now becoming more popular ways of selling property and believe they can easily replace real estate agents by providing all the information, tools and support required to sell your home.

Within Australia For sale by owner, FSBO, DIY, No Agent, Zero Agent, Private Sale accounts for a little over 1% of all property sales. In other developed markets the market for private property sales is as high as 20%. The For sale by owner, FSBO, DIY, No Agent, Zero Agent, Private Sale etc property market is just getting started in Australia. People are recognising the benefits of selling their, or their friends and families property with no agent, and save on commission in the process.

Why haven’t Australians embraced the For sale by owner, FSBO, DIY, No Agent, Zero Agent, Private Sale market with in Australia as they have overseas?

Selling property is a two step process:

  1. marketing your property
  2. generating real buyer enquiry.

Exposure Sells

With For sale by owner or FSBO DIY sell or No Agent, Zero Agent, Private sales, your property is listed on their sites or other non traditionally recognised real estate portals. All together, these represent at best, up to 5% of all online property searches. Unfortnately this is not enough exposure in todays market place.

Prepare sale documentation

Previously, preparation of the contract of sale and vendors statement was seen as a barrier to entry in the private sale market. Who do I use and how do I prepare my contract of sale and ensure that I receive the best price for this documentation?

Time frame

The time involved from the start to the end of the sales process scared many people who may have been working full time or have had other commitments. Generally the For sale by owner or FSBO DIY sell or No Agent, Zero Agent, Private sales this was the set and forget method. You’ve paid you money and you’re left on your own. It’s a tall order to get the house ready, prepare your advertisements, handle property enquiry, arrange the open for inspections, conduct the OFI’s negotiate with potential purchasers, prepare the contract of sale and handle deposits.

Be as knowledgeable as your local agent

Before detailed information on how to sell property was available online it was difficult to find quality information on how to sell your property. Also real estate agents were the only people who ad access to property reports For sale by owner or FSBO DIY sell or No Agent, Zero Agent, Private sales didn’t have access to these reports. These reports provide valuable information on your area recent sales, time on market, growth and anticipated growth for your area and is very important information when determining the value of your property.

Save on Commission

Most Real estate agents charge between 2 to 3% to sell your property. For the average Australian home of approximately $500,000, this represents approximately $10,000 to $15,000 in commission payments to the agent. Not to mention the advertising component of around 1% of the sale price. Avoiding large commissions ensures you only pay for the things you need to sell your property.

Why use understand that ‘for sale by owner’ is a difficult process so we have undertaken to provide you with all the services of a traditional full service real estate agency. You save on commission by conducting the open for inspections . We provide all the services including listing on industry only sites including:

  1. Real Estate
    These sites alone attract over 90% of all online property searches.

As a part of our service we also offer:

  • Free negotiation
  • Free property valuation report
  • Liaise with your solicitor/conveyancer
  • Control your marketing campaign
  • update photos
  • advertise open for inspection times
  • change price / description
  • For sale boards
  • Property brochures
  • Photography has seen the need to help people who want to sell privately to save money however don’t have the expertise of a traditional agent to assist with the process. Our ‘owner assist’ service provides all the benefits of a traditional real estate agency however you save on commission payments by conducting the open for inspections. are fully licensed real estate agents in all states of Australia and have over 30 years experience. Selling and saving doesn’t need to be that hard. provides all the support that For sale by owner or FSBO DIY, No Agent, Zero Agent, Private sales cant provide. We are also full insured. We have professional indemnity insurance up to $2 million.

Marketing and selling your property

As discussed previously, the alternative to agents is the save on commission service, for sale by owner sellers or For sale by owner, FSBO, DIY, No Agent, Zero Agent as they are sometimes called. The only choice available was to pay to list your property on private sale websites where some sellers were lucky and sold there home. These sites might attract 1% of all online property searches at best and you are left on you own to sell what quite possibly is your biggest asset.

With, not only do you NOT pay a commission, you also receive the benefits of a fully qualified real estate agent who will market your property on Australias top leading real estate websites, Real Estate,, plus others. These represent over 95% of all online property searches. We are there solely to help you sell your home and save on commission.

We have helped many home owners save on commission – literally thousands of dollars when selling their home. For a small upfront fee and an ongoing monthly fee we have helped save clients on average $15,000. We will arrange inspections, negotiate the sale and arrange for the contract of sale to be prepared and signed. You receive a full real estate service at only a fraction of the cost. Your property will be advertised on industry only sites. We also provide you with a Free Property Report as well. Stop wasting your money on private sale websites, you need to be on industry sites to get the best results for your home.

Now vendors have an alternative to For sale by owner, FSBO, DIY, No Agent, Zero Agent. offer a successful sale guarantee. We guarantee that if your property does not sell and you would like us to arrange for a local agency to handle on your behalf, we will refunt you upfront payment upon a successful sale. you will receive more enquiries which will result in a superior sale price and a quicker sale. offers the following:

  1. you save a huge amount of money.
  2. you also receive the professional advice and negotiating skills of qualified Real Estate Agents.
  3. you have your property marketed on agent only sites which attract over 95% of all on line property searches.