Save THOUSANDS of dollars when selling your home

Property marketing is probably the most important component of selling your home. It’s what makes Real Estate Agents arguably so successful. Typically the steps an agent will take will be

  1. List the property on appropriate real estate websites.
  2. Put a sign on the front of the house; design an effective flier to promote the property.
  3. Run advertising in local papers.
  4. Do a local letter box drop.
  5. Put your property in their window.

The increase in popularity of the Real estate portals like has seen a huge shift in the way people can market their properties and still achieve their desired result. recognise that the process of effective marketing is consistent with many agents however with a little help from you, you can save you thousands in commission.

Statistics now show that over 70% of buyer enquiries come from effective online property marketing. will list your property on the two largest property portals and others which account for over 95% of all online property searches.

Be in total control of your marketing campaign. Via your log in details for you can manage your listing in the one spot and it will automatically update all the websites that your property appears on. All enquiries are handled by our office immediately they are received and we have begun the process of finding the right buyer for your property. This increases the possibility of contacting potential purchasers before they lose interest or find another property.

The website on its own however is not enough to attract genuine purchasers. The next most important source of buyer enquiry is from a For Sale sign in front of your property. A For Sale sign attracts interest from passing motor vehicles and pedestrians. offers two type of boards:

  1. Small For Sale Board: Our ‘For sale’ boards are 600mm x 900mm in size and consist of a logo and contact phone number. There are provisions to add in your own phone number.
  2. Photo For sale board: Your Photo ‘For sale’ board will provide a high impact, professional marketing image to increase the number of purchaser enquiries and will generate even more interest from passing traffic.

So, with an effective web presence you’ll attract online enquiries and with a sign you’ll reach potential purchasers who pass your home. How then do we keep your property top of mind?

The next way in which real estate agents will typically market a property is with a property brochure. Provide potential buyers with an instantaneous overview of your property and most importantly, keep your property front of mind. Handy for open for inspections, your property brochure will provide buyers with something to refer back to when comparing options.
With an effective online representation, a professional For Sale sign and a quantity of brochures you are well on your way to selling your home.

However there may still be circumstances when the services of a local real estate agent are required.

So how do you choose your agent?

Many vendors find the process of selling their property, stressful and time consuming.

Are you struggling to find the right agent to assist you with selling your property?
Has any of the following happened to you?

  1. Have you received conflicting advice from different agents?
  2. Are you unsure of the true value of your property?
  3. Are you confused about the various methods of selling?
  4. Are you put-off by the high costs of agent’s commission and advertising?
  5. Have agents promised high service standards but delivered little in return for their commission payment? will remove these stresses and help find the best agent to represent you through our Vendor Advocacy service. We provide you with expert advice throughout every stage of the selling process and our service is 100% free to you. acts as the liaison between you and the selected real estate agent to ensure you receive unparalleled service.

What’s more when you use to arrange for a real estate agent we will refund your entire Listing fee. That’s right – 100% refund. So as the old saying goes “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained” – try our systems and when you are successful you’ll literally save thousands of dollars.

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