After internet listings, ‘For sale’ boards are the next most powerful source of generating enquiries from potential buyers. Our ‘For sale’ boards are 600mm x 900mm in size and consist of a logo and contact phone number. The phone number used can be either your own, or the office number.

Why use this marketing option:

The ‘For sale’ board is the cheapest advertising board offered and is a great way for sellers to obtain exposure to interested buyers.

The board is large enough to generate interest, but provides a greater degree of privacy from passers-by.

The ‘For sale’ board is most suited to sellers who want to validate enquiries, as the onus rests with the interested party to search on the internet or call the number provided to obtain more information on the property.


$100 each.

What other services are available:

The big brother of the ‘For sale’ board is the Photo ‘For sale’ board complete with photos and descriptions.

If you are interested in purchasing a ‘For sale’ board for your property please contact on 1300 588 200 to place your order.