Just one picture can paint a thousand words. We recommend you use a professional photographer to ensure your home is captured in the best possible light. After all, potential buyers will use photos as one of their primary means of short listing properties to further investigate.

A professional drafts person can create an accurate floor plan of your property and provides potential buyers with a quick overview to determine if your property suits their requirements.

*Floor plans can only be ordered in conjunction with photography and is not available as a separate item.

Why use this service:

First impressions count. Potential purchasers can decide within four seconds whether your property is right for them and often simply by glancing at photos and a floor plan.

Having your property presented in an accurate and well presented manner is one of the most important investments you can make, to maximise your potential to achieve a sale at the price you are after.

Photos and floor plans can also be used for the internet display, Photo ‘For sale’ boards and Property brochures.


Photos: includes day photography and up to 12 photos.

Location Price
Metro $280
Regional $380
Country $525

Floor plans: based on single storey homes. Additional storeys are charged at $125.00.

Location Price
Metro $200
Regional $250
Country $350

What other services are available:

Ensure you get maximum impact from your professional photos and floor plans – show the world your home is for sale by advertising on a Photo ‘For sale’ board at the front of your property.

If you are interested in engaging a professional photographer or draftsperson please contact on 1300 588 200 to place your order.