Description: is so confidant with the service we offer that we provide you with a money back guarantee.

Money back guarantee: if your property has not sold, will refer you to one of our full service real estate agents and refund your upfront payment upon successful sale of your property*.

Conditions of the guarantee:

  1. will discuss your plans with you and answer any questions about our services.
  2. When you are ready to sell, we will investigate and then recommend two local agents to inspect your home, estimate its value and provide written recommendations regarding the best method of sale within 24 hours.
  3. then analyses the services offered by the two local agents, including commission rates and advertising costs. We then determine with you which local agent you feel most comfortable to engage in the sale of your property.
  4. then contacts the chosen agent to negotiate the best commission rate and advertising costs for you.
  5. The Money back guarantee is only available to clients who engage a recommend local real estate agent to sell their property and these clients may no longer utlise the services of

*The upfront payment includes the Listing fee only and no recurring Monthly fees paid. Please refer to the Terms and conditions for more details.

Why use this service:

We believe our service will enable you to sell your property and will slash the costs usually incurred via a traditional real estate agent. However, our Money back guarantee provides peace of mind to those clients who are unsure of their own capabilities or who want to engage a traditional real estate agent at a later point in time.


Dependent on the real estate agent selected and the services required.

What other services are available:

Negotiating the sale of a property can be a daunting task for some vendors. Included in the service is professional negotiation for those vendors who are comfortable managing most of the sales process but would like to hand over to an experienced professional at the negotiation and contract stages.

Please contact on 1300 588 200 if you would like to discuss our Money back guarantee.