Description: offers an Auctioneering service for those who would like to capitalise on an auction environment rather than private sale.

Auctioneering services are available in some areas only, please contact to determine if a professional auctioneer can assist you.

Why use this service:

Some vendors and licenced real estate agents believe that an auction can create a more competitive environment and can assist in achieving a higher selling price. This option is suitable for those who believe that their property will appeal to a significant number of buyers and can attract them to auction.


$750 flat fee.

What other services are available:

We recommend investing in a Photo ‘For sale’ board to ensure you generate as much interest as possible from those living and looking to purchase in your area, before going to auction.

If you are interested in engaging a professional auctioneer to sell your home, please contact on 1300 588 200 to arrange this service.